Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baby quilt: Color Puzzle

Here is what I've got so far:

I picked out a bunch of fabrics for a baby boy quilt and whittled them down to this pile:

I cut out one 6" square from each fabric:

Then I paired them together and stitched half-square triangles, cut, ironed, squared up. I started arranging them on the design wall.

 I decided the above wasn't going to be big enough so I added another row to top and bottom and column on left and right:

Then kept moving squares around:

I'm still working on this. I might have to sew some more squares to get exactly what I want but I like it so far:

And here are 3 crazy squares I've pieced with a huge scrap pile that's been accumulating for years. It's a bit tedious but relaxing and fun in a way:

Recent paintings

It's been awhile... Here are some paintings I've done over the last 6 months. I like this one, even though it's just the piece of paper that I used to wipe excess paint off the brush.

Plus some floral still-lifes (lives?) - these were fun to make because they're layers and layers and layers:

Some birds:

Here is another one of 'houses/buildings', showing some process shots. I'm not done with it yet:

Sketches from landscapes photos I've taken:

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Carving stamps

I took a book off my shelf: Geninne Zlatkis' 'Making an Impression' - and read through it, then pulled out my lino-cutting tools to make a stamp. I have a mason jar of things I've collected on walks. Some little branches and twigs and things, they are fun to look at.

I sketched a few of them and carved one of them into the white eraser block (the previous times I've tried to make stamps, I've used linoleum blocks, and it wasn't very inspiring perhaps because of the difficulty of carving lino without technical skill/knowledge). The white rubber was so easy to carve into! I accidentally cut off too much in several places, but it's a learning experience.

I used a #1 tip for most of it, and #3 to carve away the outside chunks. I like how it turned out!

Here is a 2nd one (initial sketch on the far right, stamp on left, and stamped impressions in the middle):

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Zoologico: Painting. Process Post - in progress

Here's where I'm at so far on this zoo animal poster/painting I've been working on:

I had made some quick sketches of animals for one of my online class exercises a few months ago:

Later, I was thinking about how to use the animals in a painting and thought of this arrangement.

I had just visited the local zoo, so I thought it would be cool to make it into a colorful 'poster' styled painting with the word "Zoologico" (Spanish for 'Zoo') at the bottom.

Finally I got around to making it. I wanted to 'layer' the animals somehow, and keep them kind of 'blocky' without too many details/features. But first I wanted to make a background. At first I had the idea of the background showing through to the animals (but it didn't work out that way). A blank canvas is sometimes the most difficult place to start, so I started filling it up with pretty colors:

And more colors, with some texture with stencils:

Then I knew I would have to add some animals at some point, so I sketched out some blob shapes with paint:

Then I looked at my animal quick sketches and drew similar shapes for outlines and cut them out (can you see the chicked and the seahorse and the dog/cow that didn't make the cut?):

Then placed them on the background and moved them around until I found something that seemed like a good arrangement:

Then I placed the shapes one at a time and outlined them with paint:

Then I started filling in the shapes with color, layering the animals from back to front:

More colors and layers:

Added white paint over the visible background parts to try and unify everything and make the animals stand out:

At that point I decided I didn't like the big space in the middle where the hippo-like animal and the tiger-like shape meet, so I decided to add some more animals to that middle part:

I definitely think it's much better with the extra animals. Now I need to paint the onto the canvass, then continue working on the colors/patterns of each animal and tie it all together, add some dark outlines, etc. I like it so far!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Year of the spark: online class

I'm taking an online class (Year of the Spark by Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple) - I signed up a little late - and I've started on one of the lessons. It's kind of funny. I never would have made funny collages with old photos before but it does make me chuckle. Here are some cut out pieces I made to use for collage - aren't they so colorful!:

And some doodle pages, one with markers/pencil, and one with paint (I really like the colors on the paint one):

And here are some audition pieces with old photos from the internet, and some collage pieces added (the first three are using an image of Annie Oakley:

This image was a cut out from some miners (but now I can't find the reference to link to):

It's just super silly and good to get the hands moving making creative stuff!