Saturday, March 28, 2015

Recent paintings

I just finished an online art class that lasted 10 weeks. I made 6-10 paintings a week following the lesson instructions/techniques. Here are my favorites:

Lesson 1 (lines and layering):

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4 (black and white with a variety of marks) - the first one is my favorite:

This was a portion of one of the paintings - I really like these white circles on a black background:

Lesson 5:

Lesson 6:

This pretty pink and green one was actually the beginning layers of what turned out to be the one right above (with the hexagon thing) - I really loved the hot pink and lime green combo and wasn't too satisfied with the finished result but it was interesting to see the transitions and in some paintings I loved the outcomes.

Apart from the lovely colors in the top left of this one, and the turquoise circles in the middle, plus the pink marks and other interesting marks, I really like the turquoise colored scraffito in the lower left in that pink zone - you might have to click the image to really see it.

This was just the beginning layer of what turned into something entirely different - but I liked this just as it was and would love to have some pillow cases made with this print:

This might have been my favorite painting of all I did for the class. I love the light to dark gradient, the marks, the colors, the circles on the top left, the silver dots over black and blue in the lower right, and the texture from the collage layers underneath. This reminds me of an abstract depiction of outer space.

Lesson 7- these ones were really simple monochromatic exercises - they're lovely and were hard for me to do since I love to fill the page with ALL the colors:

I like how this turned out with the stencil work fading into paint in the lower right:

Lesson 8:

Lesson 9:

Overall, I was glad for the productivity that resulted from having a regular assignment. I didn't follow all the rules (and they were some pretty strict rules) 100% of the time, and in some cases deviated quite a bit. But I learned some new things and enjoyed it. The main points I took from the class had to do with creating transition areas, quiet areas, layering, and not being afraid to cover over something you think is fabulous.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Chevron baby quilt - FINISHED

I like how colorful and bright this turned out! I've never quilted a quilt using stitch in the ditch so I wasn't as proficient as I'd have liked. But it was a good experience. I'm curious to know what it will look like after it's washed a few times.

It was my first time in a Long time using a walking foot and the pedal at the same time (only done it once or twice before), since I'm spoiled with the Bernina 440QE optical lens and free-motion quilting. I really liked how DIYMommy quilted her Chevron quilt so I did the same thing with this one.

Here is the back, mostly all Kaffe Fasset's fabrics which I love for their wonderful color:

I made the binding with 3 different pink fabrics, one dark, one medium and one light. Here are a few close-up shots:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Colorful Chevron Baby quilt: Process Post

Using ideas from DIYMommy (who was following Melanie at craftycupboard), I decided to make this chevron baby quilt. Always wanted to know the difference between chevron and herringbone? Check out this good explanation by Christine at Remodelista. or this post at Houzz which has some good photos.

I wanted my quilt to be a little bit bigger, so I cut 3" x 11" rectangles (48 from a white-on-white fabric, and 48 from assorted colored fabrics from the selection in this post). I put them all up randomly on my design wall (made from Warm + Natural batting nailed to the wall) and then arranged them to form a color gradient, with blues/greens on the right, purples/tans on the left, and pinks/oranges/yellow in the middle:
Then moved them around some more, trying to make the colors from the different prints flow from one to the next, as well as make some kind of gradient of values (light to dark):
Until I found a pleasing arrangement, then I began to cut the angles off the edges of the fabric. You can see here where I've cut the first two rows (on the left):
All the pieces cut, now I need to sew them together:
Sewed all the rows together, now just need to sew the three sections together and quilt: 

EDIT 1/10: Top completed, now I just need to quilt and bind it. This turned out longer than I like, but I don't feel like cutting part of it off. It's interesting how it looks different to me when I turn it upside down. I think I like it better turned this way than how it's been on the design wall all along:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

More quilt ideas

The nice thing about EQ6 is I can quickly mock up an idea of something. For example, I saw this lovely herringbone quilt by Christina at DIYMommy and am thinking about making it for this baby quilt, but wanted to know just how different it would look to have the strip angles at 45 degrees vs 60 degrees, so I did these two EQ6 samples (again, not terribly pleased with the limited color palette):

This has strips at 60 degrees:
This has strips at 45 degrees:
I definitely like the one with 60 degrees better. Then I started thinking about making the 'blocks' wider than they are tall. In the EQ6 mockup - you can't see the block outlines on the images I exported, but I wanted the width to be greater than in the image above, so I did this one:
It doesn't really look wider on the screen, so it's deceptive, but ultimately there ARE more strips

What about this one, the strips are cut at 75 degrees:
I think I like the top one the best.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Next quilt: light color palette

I picked out these fabrics for the next baby quilt I'm making. They're a much lighter palette than I usually work with.
I've been in love with this quilt by Kathy Doughty for awhile now, so I thought of doing a smaller version of it (here is an EQ6 mock-up with its limited color palette):
But then I saw this interesting triangle design on this chair on Pinterest (the fabric is Harlequin by EDIT) so I mocked up a simple version on EQ6:
The idea would be to have some grays as 'sashing' between some of the triangles. I like the idea of it, but I would want it to be less 'organized' than this mock-up. I'll have to think a little bit longer about what I want to do with these light fabrics.